Standardization Committee

The committee is working with International Organization for Nanotechnology Standardization (ISO/TC 229) as an observer. The International Organization for Nanotechnology Standardization (ISO/TC229) has been formed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 2005 in a bid to provide and adopt needed standards in nanotechnology fields.

The committee?s activities

1- Preparing, adopting and distributing nanotechnology standards based on the countries?s needs and supervising the correct implementation of the standards.

2- Active participation in the international initiatives for standardizing nanotechnology.

3- Collection and classification of documents, evidences and information regarding standardization of nanotechnology in a bid to provide optimize use by users.

4- Holding training courses and workshops in nanotechnology standardization fields for university students, companies and research institutes which are active in nanotechnology.

5- Providing support for companies, research institutes and laboratories in a bid to adopt national standards for nano, given the countries?s priorities.

6- Establishing special product-centered groups for adopting standards for companies and research centers which produce nano products.